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I have been receiving messages from friends and even people I don’t know asking about my hair and how I care for it. 
This has actually made me miss carrying my natural hair but I have had to give it some time to rest from my touching hands.
I’ll try to talk about my hair more often and will try to do a short video when I can on my hair routine. Which honestly isnt much.
I’ve had braids on for almost a month now. And I must say that it’s been a relief of not having to wake up an extra half hour to sort my hair out.
I found a great Cantu hair treatment that’s perfect for braids and I haven’t had any itching I must confess.
Its the Apple Cider Vinegar Root Relief  +Peppermint Oil. It’s been so good. 
I did have my doubts about it at first because I get dry scalp when I have weaves or braids on, but it sure is working for me.
No dandruff, no irritation. 
I would have taken my braids off right about this time but will keep it for the full month and then I’ll see what my hair look like.
For those with natural hair. Please can you share with us what you use for your hair and how you are able to avoid breakage?
I’m looking to change to curls once my braids go off.
Wish me luck people.
Keep sparkling. 
Sisi Alero

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