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It is always awesome for me to meet or interact with men and women who are creating jobs for themselves and building a positive look as Nigerians no matter where they are.

Meet a young Entrepreneur whose career is to help people have a healthy lifestyle.

He is from Anambra State. Eastern part of Nigeria, but was born and brought up in Los Angeles. He is a twin and not only does he understand the Igbo language, speaks it and is very proud of his culture.

Valentine with twin brother

He left Los Angeles for Nigeria at the age of thirteen (13) to attend an amazing boarding school called Gaius Benton at Oko, Anambra State. He was there from JSS2-SS2 (Year8-Year11). He enjoyed every minute spent there and is proud to be an Igbo man.

He returned to Los Angeles for his senior year in High school. After graduation, he was admitted into Carlifornia State University in Los Angeles were he studied Nursing and graduated with Bachelor Of Science in Nursing.

During his time in University, he was President of three organisations, which he ran rather successfully.

He joined a black College fraternity called the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc of which he says he is  proud of.

Our mission is to develop leaders, promote brotherhood and academic excellence whilst providing advocacy and services for the community. A lot of Nigerians are a part of it as well.

After he graduated, he started working but was laid off six months into the job, rather than being held back by it, he was inspired into starting a Health Management Business. Though, being laid off was very disappointing for him, it was also the best thing that could have happened to him.

His Health Management Business is focused on helping people with their health, from weight loss, weight gain and energy, to changing their bad eating habits to a balanced and healthier diet for a better well being. He mentors and supports people. This is something he is passionate about.
 His main focus is on Nutrition. He works with a company called Herbal Life Nutrition and through them, sells Nutrition products.
He has been on this amazing journey for six (6) years and with his experiences ,he looked for a way in which he could reach out to more people to help them. This led to his podcast project, the Think Alpha Project.” An empowering podcast for young growth minded people who want to take their lives to new places”. Most especially, empowering minorities like himself.
You can visit his site – – “Think for yourself. Make moves. Make a difference”.

                           Meet Valentine Ewudo of Think Alpha Project, doesn’t he just sparkle?

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  • victoria ibe 22nd September 2017 at 10:04 PM

    Inspiring story. Keep sparkling in what you do.

  • ISparkle 23rd September 2017 at 8:28 PM

    Thanks so much darling. Truly an inspiring story.

  • Jason Richards 1st November 2017 at 9:29 AM

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