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Growing up, my siblings and I were never allowed to have a sleep over at any friends. My mum would rather they (our friends) came over so she could keep her very watchful eye on us. (and this was only after we had become teenagers; for me and my brother, full adults)
Note that very few of our friends ever stayed over. (lol)
The farthest we went was to her sisters. Even at that, she would stay till late before leaving and would be back the next day before you know it.( ahh, the love of a mother)
These days, I see alot of kids having sleep overs even at the age of two (2) and I can’t begin to imagine what my sweet mother would think. (lol)
A few days ago, a friend shared a story with me about a man who gave his testimony at church. This is a true story.
Apparently,  the daughter to the wife’s friend had a sleep over to spend time with their daughter.
Sometime after the girl had returned home, they heard someone banging on their front door. Alas, it was the police. 
The man was arrested and on getting to the station was told he was being arrested for child abuse.
The case went on for a year..
This said man kept coming to church and was still dedicated standing at the entrance, welcoming members and trusting God to vindicate him. Everyone (including my friend) couldn’t believe the family had been going through such craziness and carried on like all was well.
He was not allowed to have any contact with his kids; when he did, it was with social services watching.
He had moved out of his own home and had to rent a place. He couldn’t be with his kids and wife for a whole year.
Finally,  a year after the case begun, the girl confessed it was her mother who had asked her to accuse the man of abuse…. Shocked??
I was flabbergasted.  I couldn’t understand why a person would plot something so evil towards another.
Why are we as humans wicked and evil to one another? Why can’t we simply just love each other?
I don’t have kids yet, but I get so paranoid when I see my friends kids being played with by adults or even their friends in any way I don’t feel comfortable. ( I’m sure alot of my people will testify to this lol). So when I hear stories of things that happen during sleep overs, I begin to ponder; I just might end up being more strict than my mum.
Yes, I know and believe there are still loads of good people in the world,  yes you still have those you can trust your kids to go spend time with and be able to sleep peacefully. 
I am not saying kids shouldn’t go have sleep overs or parents become too strict.
But, what do you know about that family? Do you think about the safety of your child before agreeing they go over to a classmates home or a friends home? 
And for the kids coming to stay over at yours? How well do you know their parents or even the kids?
The stories I have heard in the past year regarding kids sleeping over, made me understand why my mother was how she was all those years. She did it for her peace of mind and for our safety even though we thought she was just been mean.
What are you views and ideas in regards to kids sleeping over?
What length would you go to in ensuring the safety of your children?
Please share with us in the comments section below.
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