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I was having a chat with a close friend and she said something that caught my attention. 
She said someone had asked her how she was able to keep same friends for so many decades and she replied that it came with a price. (we will be looking at the price we pay to be a true friend next Tuesday)
This I thought was so true. In friendship, we have to really go the extra mile to understand each other.  Tolerate ( yes, I know it can be sometimes irritating what our friends do), be patient, be true and honest.
A true friend would tell you as it is,even if it would hurt. With a true friend, white is white and black is black. They tell you how they feel about any situation or issue to your face and not go around saying the opposite.

Finding true and loyal friends can be tough. But once you do find them make sure you treat them same way you would want to be treated. Such friends become family. 
There’s a song we used to sing (and I still sing) when I was in the Junior choir at church.  A part of it goes like this –
“Your love is patient, your love is kind, it shows no envy ; brings peace of mind.
Your love is humble and always true”.
Indeed Gods love is all of the above and if we can show each other same love and treat each person with love,  we would have no worries (or as they are called now, “frenimies”)
Love covers all things. Supercedes all things. If we do all as the song says there wouldn’t be greed and corruption. Killings of innocent people. Most importantly, No wars!!!
But alas, that would only happen in our dreams. The world is cruel and full of evil.
As individuals,  let’s try our best to do what is right; to show love and be true to those we call friends.
I have friends who have been there for me for decades. Some since primary school, secondary school and university. Some I have had as friends since I relocated to the UK.
For those who know me. When I call you my friend, you know it’s for life.
I am very loyal like that. When I love you,  I love you.
There is a huge difference between loyal friends and just being an acquaintance. Alot of people we call friends are really just acquaintances.
If someone close to you was asked right now to describe you, what do you think they would say about you?
Would you be worried or feel confident?
If you were about to win £10,000 and it all depended on what your friends said about you without knowing you’d win some money ; would you be confident enough to say they are loyal and you as a friend have been loyal?
Look around you, do you have more friends you are sure will say good things about  you or more of acquaintances?
Please kindly leave comments on what you think or feel friendship should be about at the comment section of this post. 
Looking forward to your comments.
Keep sparkling in love.
                                          Sisi  Alero.
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