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Are you without a job? A means of earning a living? Have you given up totally? 

Are you researching on business ideas and feeling frustrated? 

Don’t feel down and never ever give up. Life in itself has never been easy, but with determination and self believe you can achieve your dreams.
It does not matter how small scaled the business is,Start something.
 No matter how small the profit is that comes in, do not give up. 
Never say to yourself it’s over. It is never over until you give up on yourself.
Do not rely on people or what people have to survive. Plan for yourself with what you have and you can never tell, help would come as you are pushing. 
We will hear from people who have struggled to become who they are today. 
We will also hear how they started small businesses and how it is growing gradually .  
You could learn a thing or two and put it to practice if it aligns with what you would like to go into.
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Looking forward to sharing your amazing stories and also reading your comments at the bottom of each post.
Enjoy and keep Sparkling.
                                  Sisi Alero.
Sisi Alero

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Welcome to iSparkleNow blog. My name is Alero, I love to encourage and inspire people who are going through difficult and trying times, letting them know they cannot give up and that they have loads of reasons to keep pushing and keep going.

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