Tuesday, 25 July 2017


We grow up having dreams and aspirations.  Desires that make us push ourselves hard to reach those dreams. 

Somewhere along the way, we meet with a pond, or stream. Alot of such times, we overcome them.
But sometimes it could be a hill, valley or even a mountain and some of us give up. We get tired of struggling, tired of fighting to reach that peak we have dreamt so much about for so long. 

We give up and stop believing in ourselves. We convince ourselves that life is unfair and we are simply unlucky.

Watching Mandy Harvey recently on America Got Talent (AMT 2017) who got the golden buzzer from Simon Cowell, It got me thinking.  

Mandy became deaf at the age of 18 but her love for music kept her going and she not only performed a song she composed herself titled "TRY" in front of thousands of people,  she also got the golden buzzer.

Mandy could have easily given up and said I am done, I can't carry on anymore, but she didn't. 

She chose to find a way to carry on with what she loved even though she lost her hearing. I'm sure it wasn't easy for her but she kept on at it until she found the perfect way to "hear".

Watch her audition below and think about your decisions.  Think about the times you have said you couldn't go on and the reasons why you felt given up was the best option. 

It's never too late to start again, to achieve those dreams you once desired so much.
You are even allowed to have new dreams, make every second count.
Take it a step at a time, soon enough, you'll get your own special golden buzzer and you'll definitely be sparkling in the end.

Video credit: America Got Talent (AMT) 2017

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Keep sparkling.. 

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