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I sniff and smile, its all done and I am happy, almost dancing.
This is me after cleaning and scrubbing the flat. that amazing smell of bleach …ahhh, blisss.

But guess what, now I am not even allowed to use bleach because I have been having breathing problems. Its just for some time but even though a few days ago I cleaned and scrubbed, I feel like the bathroom and toilet aren’t having that “sparkle”…
I decided to wrap up my nose and clean with bleach and was such a happy bunny until my flatmate came in and asked “is that bleach I smell Alero” ? Gosh
I have wonderful friends around me who love me and want the best for me so now I am officially on a ban from bleach or anything containing bleach. “rollingmyeyes”

A lot of us claim or believe we do not have habits or should I say addictions but that’s really not true. Somehow, unknowingly we get addicted to certain things or routines and find it so hard to change or break off from them. Sometimes our addictions could be for a good cause and sometimes it could be negative.
Cleaning your home, keeping things in order can be good and staying organised is a great thing.
When it becomes extreme , it becomes a problem.

Now, having breathing issues, I realise I have been overdoing it and will try to survive without my dear bleach. I must confess its been very hard but I intend to do my best to try other products and see how it goes.

Do you have an addiction or habit you think is okay or normal and find nothing wrong with it?
Share with us .

Ohh, and if you are a bleach lover like me and have found a way of giving it up, please share with me ..

For now, I guess the air fresheners and oils will do…. Stay happy and keep sparkling.

Sisi Alero

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  • victoria ibe 28th June 2017 at 1:48 AM

    Nice one dear, is good you stay off bleach Lol.

  • Sisi Alero 28th June 2017 at 6:57 PM

    Thanks a lot dear. I will have to. lol

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