Sisi Alero is saying a big thank you to everyone who featured on in the year 2017. It was not easy and it has been difficult getting our African families to come out to tell their stories on how they live with one disability or another. For the amazing ones who shared their lives […]


As we begin a new year, Don’t reflect on the things you still have not achieved, but rather focus on achieving your dreams and goals. It does not matter if others you know have gone past you or if you have failed a few times. As Dr Edwin Land said- ‘An essential part of creativity […]


As the year comes to an end and we prepare to celebrate Christmas in 2days, let us remember to show love to all around us. Do something you have never done for someone this Christmas. It could be for one child, one man, one woman or a family. Sisi Alero is wishing you a very […]


How can one define happiness? Happiness can be said to be a state of high spirits, jubilation, a place of contentment. My friend Elizabeth asked me to write on happiness a while ago, i started to write but couldn’t think of what to say because of how i felt mentally and emotionally at that point. […]


There are days we all just want to give up,  let go. We get so frustrated and cannot seem to understand why things are not working as planned. Why we just cannot have a normal life like the next person. We feel lost, all alone. You say to yourself, there is nobody who truly cares […]


 I  am a woman with a story and would like to share my story here to inspire someone. God called me into ministry on the 21st of November, 2002, and He told me to break the yoke of marital delay that keeps women single against their desire and prepare them spiritually, emotionally, mentally, financially, physically […]


Hello everyone, I am sure you have read my short stories and wondering what’s next. I had been reading a lot of stories online on abuse, domestic violence and rape. The comments that followed such stories were horrid. Nobody in their right senses wants to be raped or would plan to be in a situation […]


STORY THREE: Staring out the window, Ada watches as people rush to work. She looks at the clock, its 07.20am. She becomes lost in thought. The cry of a baby brings her back to reality. Destiny is awake. She sighs and remains were she is for a few minutes. His cry becomes louder; she rolls […]


STORY TWO Watching her parents wave goodbye as the car drives off, Omasan knew it would be best to find a place to hide. She runs to her bedroom and shuts the door. Sadly, the door had no key or lock. Hiding inside the wardrobe, she tries to stay as quiet as she could, she […]


STORY ONE: “She walks into the bedroom looking for her friend. There’s nobody in the room. As she turns to leave, he walks in and locks the door. What do you think you’re doing? She asks. He pays no attention and walks towards her.She walks backwards till there’s nowhere to go. He grabs her and […]