When I go shopping, I never leave home without my shopping list. Whenever I go without a list, most times I return with items I did not plan to get. Going shopping, be it for groceries, clothing, jewelry or anything else is a lot of fun when there is a lot of cash to be spent. […]


What is it you are going through? Do you sometimes feel the entire world is on your shoulder and cannot take it anymore? Well, we all have that period of frustration and wanting to simply give up. The good news is, it is for a season/ phase. How we handle the situation is what is […]


We all want and desire to have sound health. What does it mean to have sound health? The Greek word “HUGIAINO” means to have sound health, to be well, to be safe, sound and whole. A person is made up of -The body, which is the physical aspect, what we can see and touch (Gen […]


Affirmation is the process of proclaiming something. Positive statements to help build a person and change a negative mindset or way of thinking. By repeating affirmations regularly and believing, you can start to make positive changes and see yourself for who you really are and what you are worth. Growing up in Nigeria, we were […]


It’s September.  Yaay!💃💃 You might wonder why the dance, and why I am so happy. Well, if not for anything, I am extremely thankful and grateful to God that I am alive. I am not just alive, every tiny bit of my being is functioning perfectly. I survived and made it through the last eight […]