Thursday, 27 September 2018


Meet a strong and amazing woman who has gone through more trials than you can imagine, but when she finally understood and knew who God truly was (and still is), her life turned around. Sit back and enjoy her story.

My name is Deborah and I grew up in a terribly dysfunctional background. My parents were divorced but lived together on and off in various states of chaos and drama. I was the fourth child in a family of six and was the youngest daughter. I was groomed from the beginning to be the personal handmaiden and slave to my mother, my eldest sister (her favourite) and my other sister (my dad's favourite).
In all appearances, we were a normal decent family. But behind closed doors, according to the scriptures-" Where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work" pretty much sums up our household.

My father abused me sexually and abused the entire family emotionally and psychologically. My mother was vague one minute and hysterical the next. She leaned on me and I took on her role in the family- Chief carer. Life in our household was filled with drama.

I met my husband, Christopher in Johannesburg at a shopping centre (I was born and raised in South Africa whilst Christopher who is English lived there for 10years)where we both worked. We got married in England when I was 27years and he was 24years, after 4years of dating. When we met, I was Christian and he was an atheist.

I had my first son Timothy, and Christopher's parents were excited as it was their first grandchild. Things were not right with Timothy from the start. I prayed a lot for him but no changes. He cried a lot and rarely slept. He could not tolerate solids until about 14months. and during that time I was like a breastfeeding machine.

I had to have a repair surgery when Tim turned four as there was damage from his birth. I was told I would not be able to carry another baby to term and advised I had a hysterectomy, which I refused.

During all of this, Christopher my husband lost his jobs (redundancies) and went into depression, which led to a nervous breakdown whenTim was 5 years old. We had lots of financial problems, marital problems and plenty of tears. It was at this point I discovered Stormie Omartian's book (The power of a praying wife/parent) on praying for your husband and children.

Our second son and miracle baby arrived after lots of prayers, tears and two miscarriages. James arrived one month early and he was an answer to Tim's prayer for a brother.

Tim never went to school due to some issues (hyperactive, sensory, communication and learning difficulties). He was later diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome when he turned 10.
James too started to show signs that were troubling- non-verbal, non-cooperative, sleep, sensory and food problems. he was diagnosed with autism when he was 2years old, Christopher and I realised our boys had serious disabilities.
when Tim was 11years old, he was seen by a neuropsychologist in Cambridge who did a 6week long full assessment. She discovered that the autism aspect was just a minor part of his issues. He was diagnosed to have a dysexecutive syndrome and several learning difficulties. We were then advised to see a pediatric psychiatrist at Great Ormond Street Hospital as they suspected Tim had Bi-polar and was a high suicide risk. He needed to be stabilised on medication, which would be a lifelong need.

Timothy, Christopher and James Mcdermott.

Christopher got a job which involved him traveling a lot. We were both going through trying times and at this point but we did our best to make things work. I did not exactly have friends or a support system in place.
One day I was really down and turned to a Christian programme on television. It was that programme that changed my life and mindset. 
In the summer of 2007, I heard a word from God that my boys would be healed. I was studying the bible more and learning new things about Christ. As time went by, Christopher too became a Christian. We began to believe that God would heal our boys as He had said to me. One day I watched a story of a woman who had a miraculous healing from a life-threatening disease and keyed into this story for my boys.
James Mcdermott.

Christopher and I read books, listened to teachings, went to meetings. At one meeting which we had to travel to, (which was not easy getting the boys to go) we met Pastor Andrew of Andrew Wommack Ministries who prayed for the boys and blessed them. He told us we were now parents of healthy children.
We watched the boys begin to change positively a day at a time and kept on in prayers and believing that they were healed. Once we felt they had received healing, we took them to their psychologists for re-evaluation. Timothy's diagnoses state that Asperger syndrome is no longer applicable. James report states that " it is clear there has been significant progress over time in all areas associated with the triad of impairment with autism. As a result, the label Autism Spectrum Disorder is no longer in the future that relates to him"

Christopher, Deborah and Timothy Mcdermott.

Today, I have two healthy boys and they are getting better and better each passing day. I would like to say to those who are going through one problem or the other not to give up hope. The waiting is not easy I know, but you must never settle for anything less than believing you will get what you desire.
 Have faith, trust totally in God and believe that He can do it, and He will.

My name is Deborah Mcdermott and I Sparkle in Christ.

#Hedidit #Goddidit

Tuesday, 25 September 2018


When I go shopping, I never leave home without my shopping list. Whenever I go without a list, most times I return with items I did not plan to get. Going shopping, be it for groceries, clothing, jewelry or anything else is a lot of fun when there is a lot of cash to be spent.
My list is never complete without certain items. My most important items are my cleaning items, my candles, and air fresheners.

When I go to God in prayer, there are days I tell myself I will not ask Him(God) for anything but just thank Him, or it could just be worship, no asking, no questions.

So many times we go to our Father and God with our shopping list. Even when we say we will not ask of anything. After a few minutes of praising Him, we chip in the first 10 items on our list then carry on worshiping and then another 5- 10 items again from our list.

Let's sometimes put aside our wants and desires, come to Him in humility, adoration, and thankfulness. When we do, He will answer even that which you have not asked because He knows as your Father, you have come to Him genuinely with no hidden agenda of asking Him for any item on your shopping list. (Psalm 37:4).

This week, let us create time to be thankful, adore and praise our God and creator. Most importantly, put a smile on someone's face today and through this week. 
Stay positive no matter what and keep Sparkling.✨

Thursday, 20 September 2018


What is it you are going through? Do you sometimes feel the entire world is on your shoulder and cannot take it anymore? Well, we all have that period of frustration and wanting to simply give up. The good news is, it is for a season/ phase. How we handle the situation is what is important.

Next Thursday, we will be meeting an amazing woman and her family who have come to love God and trust in Him despite ALL they have been through.

She grew up in a chaotic home with parents who were divorced but still lived together. She was abused by her father and still had to care (most of the time) for her family even though she was the fourth child.

When she eventually got married, she had two sons. The first son was diagnosed with ASPERGERS SYNDROME and the second son with AUTISM.

What is Asperger's syndrome? -  "A developmental disorder related to autism and characterised by awkwardness in social interaction, pedantry in speech, and preoccupation with very narrow interests." (Dictionary definition).

People with Asperger's syndrome see, hear and feel the world in a different way to other people. It is said that when you have Asperger's syndrome, you have it for life. It becomes part of the person's identity.

What is Autism? - "A mental condition, present from early childhood, characterised by great difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts". (Dictionary definition)

Autism is a lifelong, developmental disability that affects how a person relates and communicates with other people. It also affects the way they see the world/ environment around them.

Though Asperger syndrome and Autism are disabilities, it does not mean that a person should not be treated normally. They just need some extra love and attention.

We will have a peek into the lives of this amazing family next week and trust me, you do not want to miss a single part of it.

Keep the Sparkle in you shining by showing love to everyone around you.✨

Tuesday, 18 September 2018


A few months ago a male friend of mine went on a family vacation to Nigeria, they had a lot of fun enjoying the heat and the atmosphere. It had been a hugely successful family vacation but an observation had him thinking.

On one of their days out with his wife, he had been carrying his daughter when he overheard people around him talking about them, "How can she be walking around and her husband is carrying the child", "This one has been turned to the woman", " All these men from "abroad" have been turned into women". The talk was endless.

In some areas in London, I have heard comments like "see that man pushing a buggy with the woman walking beside him, they have turned him into a woman"

In the society we live in, (here in England) there is absolutely nothing wrong with a man taking care of his child by pushing the buggy or stroller, even carrying the baby is cool and normal.

In some other cultures and traditions, the woman, being the mother of the home cares and nurtures the children while the man provides for them.
A man carrying the child whilst the mother/wife walks along doing nothing is therefore not something that is easily accepted.

Over a decade ago, while in Africa, a male friend helped carry my handbag and it was frowned on by onlookers. Some kissed their teeth so as to let us know they were not happy with what they saw.
If it is okay for a woman to carry a man's bag or briefcase, then why can't a man help or assist a woman carry hers? 

Some other cultures compared with the Western world seems to still be wide apart when it comes to certain values and beliefs. As Africans, some of us still hold on tightly to some beliefs and values which we are not ready to let go of even when we live in the Western world.

I am not saying we have to drop all our values and beliefs, far from it; but there are some things that we may need to let go off to have a better and happier home/family.

Going back to our main discussion, a man carrying his child(ren), I feel it's a good way for him to bond with that child. There are some children (like my friends' child) who would never let anyone else carry them as long as their father is in sight. 
It is also a joint responsibility between both parties to bring up the child(ren), so at any given time any of them (the parents) should be able to care and nurture them, not just the mother.

As a parent, what are your views or ideas in regards to this? Do you see a man pushing a buggy or stroller as a bad thing? Or the man carrying his child and playing with his child in the open as improper?

Do share your honest views and opinions in the comment section. If you have been through such a situation or know someone who has, we would love to hear from you too.

Remember, no matter what happens, Stay Sparkling.✨

#Respectpeople'slifestyle.  #Enlightenment.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018


We all want and desire to have sound health. What does it mean to have sound health? The Greek word "HUGIAINO" means to have sound health, to be well, to be safe, sound and whole. A person is made up of -The body, which is the physical aspect, what we can see and touch (Gen 1:26); While the immaterial aspects are (what cannot be seen or touched) soul, spirit, intellect, mind, conscience and so on.

To have sound health, we have to be mindful of what we feed into our system. Just as a phone is downloaded with apps, music, contact lists, pictures, things we read and so forth; so also is our body. What we download into us- e.g Food, drinks; what we watch, what we listen to, what we read, people we communicate with; all of these affect the outcome of our health.

For instance, feeding your mind with negative thoughts from discussions with someone, something you watch, read or see, all have a great effect and impact on you. You need to have a mind filled with positivity. You have to stay positive and be positive at all times. 
The food you eat is also of great importance. You have to first care for the body itself. Your body is what houses every other immaterial aspect of your being. It needs to be fit, so exercise even if it's for a few minutes a day to pump up the heart. Eat and drink what you know is good for you, for you to stay strong and healthy.

As a woman of Faith, I believe that to complete the cycle of having a sound health, I also need to take care of my soul and spirit. The soul for me is my conscience, intellect, mind, all of those things that makes me feel alive and real. (Gen 2:7) The spirit is the one that Jesus sent to be with us, The Comforter; after He ascended to heaven. (Acts 1:5-8). The Holy Spirit works with the body and soul. When you feed the spirit and soul by studying God's word- The bible and believe in it, it nourishes you and supports your physical body. A combination Of Gods' word and good food to the body, the spirit, and soul thereby gives sound health.

What are you feeding into your body? What did you feed yourself this morning? "I agree that it is wonderful to get healed when you are sick, but it is more wonderful to live in divine health" - Gloria Copeland.

Take your health seriously and create time to check yourself and also feed yourself with what you need and not what you want. In all of this most importantly, Stay Sparkling✨

Thursday, 6 September 2018


Sometimes, we feel so drained, weighed down or even overwhelmed with desires we have been unable to fulfill. 
We need to be able to find a place where we can share our emotions, ideas, get refreshed and build ourselves.
For some, it could be in the house of prayer- The Church, for some, hanging out with friends either face to face or via group chat.

As women, we strive to make life better for us as well as the children and family around us, we tend to want to have a great support system.

A Well Woman Network UK is one of such community that helps and supports women to achieve their purpose in life, career advancement, how to manage your money/income and thereby create true wealth among other things. A Well Woman Network UK builds on the Mind, Body, Soul, Business, Career, and Finance.

Christy Amalu is the founder of A Well Woman Network UK and author of some books to encourage and build women. She is also a Mental Health Nurse. Read her story from last year via this link-

On the 8th of December 2018, there will be an event geared to equip the Mother's of today and tomorrow. When the mind is crammed with thoughts, organs are clogged with toxins, and bodies stiffened with neglect, there is just no space for anything else, but there is hope. A Well Woman conference is the place to be. A place where you can detoxify all the junks and go back home rejuvenated and ready for your next level.

We are the only holistic conference with proven integrity, we deliver what we say and this year again, we will deliver topics covering some domains of health and well-being, book launch and awards.

There will be full English breakfast and refreshments in a cozy environment. A grand entry on a red carpet with our celebrity photo, video coverage, and live interviews.

Health checks at A Well Woman clinic with good music; an empowering event in a relaxing atmosphere.
This medium is also used to celebrate community leaders and individuals who have made a remarkable impact on other peoples lives.

You can nominate yourself or any other individual telling us how the individual had affected their community positively.

We are looking for role models, mentors, entrepreneurs, teachers, nurses, doctors, police officers, people in the entertainment industry, market men and women, e.t.c to appreciate them.

Nominations are open till the 15th of October,2018. Send in your nominations to

Early bird tickets-£30:00 till the 31st of October and £40:00 thereafter.

For sponsorship and business display queries, contact- 

Christy-07984178807, Amina- 07946685475, Blessing- 07853863104 OR Lydia- 07403278896. 

Limited spaces available for exhibitions.

Visit our

Keep Sparkling and see you on the 8th of December. #Empowerment  #Awellwomannetworkuk

Tuesday, 4 September 2018


Affirmation is the process of proclaiming something. Positive statements to help build a person and change a negative mindset or way of thinking.
By repeating affirmations regularly and believing, you can start to make positive changes and see yourself for who you really are and what you are worth.

Growing up in Nigeria, we were taught different beliefs that sort of grew on us. For instance, when your left palm gets very itchy, it means expenses are coming and right-hand means you should expect money; If you kicked your left foot against anything when going out to visit someone, it meant the person was not home. A very crucial one is that with the 'Ember months. (months of September - December) It is believed that it comes with  lots of deaths and accidents. Due to this belief, there will be a lot of prayers for protection and against death from this month of September. I am sure as you read, you can think of many more of such beliefs that you grew up with and have accepted subconsciously.

As a woman of faith and follower of Christ, through the years learning more about the word of God, such things now make me laugh. God has created us in His image and likeness and therefore has given to us power. The bible says life and death are in the tongue.,therefore speak that which you want for yourself and your life. Speak life, speak goodness, good health, happiness, joy, laughter daily as you wake up and even through the day. Speak with faith and believing it is so.

When we say we have faith, it means we strongly believe. So when we fully commit to believing that death comes in the 'Ember months, that's putting in a whole lot of faith, which I am sure is bigger than a mustard seed. We give it life and it manifests.

We need to learn to 'unlearn' the negatives and wrong teachings/beliefs we were taught to enable us to stand firm and believe in ourselves and in our abilities.

Having a daily affirmation is one of the best ways to change our mindset and way of thinking, to drive out those negative thoughts and build yourself making positive changes. (I actually get my affirmations from studying the word-BIBLE)

Here are some of my affirmations you can try out and remember to stay Sparkling✨

1) I am thankful for today.
2) I am thankful for being alive.
3) I am thankful every single part of me functions/is working.
4) I am made for exploits.
5) I am beautifully/handsomely and wonderfully made.
6) I am full of strength.
7) I am in complete health.
8) My today will be filled with possibilities.
9) I am ready to put a smile on someone's face.
10) I will overcome any challenge that comes my way today.

Saturday, 1 September 2018


It's September.  Yaay!💃💃

You might wonder why the dance, and why I am so happy.

Well, if not for anything, I am extremely thankful and grateful to God that I am alive. I am not just alive, every tiny bit of my being is functioning perfectly. I survived and made it through the last eight months, which I can tell you, were not exactly smooth sailing.

A lot of people will be returning to school. This is also the month of paying up fees and loads of bills. Whatever this month is starting with for you, just smile, relax and take it a day at a time. Remind yourself that you being alive means you have loads to fulfill in life. Enjoy every minute, I know I intend to.

Most importantly is that with September comes Autumn. Get ready to bring out your autumn/winter clothing and shoes as the weather begins to get cold.  It also brings with it loads of dry leaves flying everywhere (this means clearing up and tidying up your garden and environs continuously 😏😓😒)

We have four months to Christmas and to the end of the year 2018. Gosh! Where did time go? 😓
Don't fret if you have not achieved what you have written down for the year. Just keep pushing and you will get there. Stay focused and stay determined.

My prayer for you this month is that you have a reason to smile and be grateful each day this month.



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