Wednesday, 29 August 2018


The entertainment industry is one of the biggest industry in the world.  In Nigeria, our Nollywood industry has grown from strength to strength. Our actors are becoming well known across the boarder.

Meet a Nigerian actor with a smile that can melt your heart. She is good at what she does and well appreciated. Today she will be telling us a bit about herself and how she supports people through some charities.

 I am the first daughter and second child in a family of eight. I have four brothers and a sister. I  am pretty easy going, jovial and loving.

Growing up, I had a dream of becoming a broadcaster. I decided to go into acting believing I would have a greater and easier chance of becoming a broadcaster and my dreams would become a reality. I got into the entertainment industry in 2003 and not long into it, I realised I loved it, and I never looked back since then. Now, my desire is to become a big producer, this is one thing I truly want and I am working hard towards achieving it.

Working to make a movie is hard work, we work day and night to ensure we have a great production.
When I am not working, all I want to do is to relax and enjoy myself, kind of like a reward for my hard work.😃
During my free time, I love to be in my space, read a book or watch a movie. I go out for parties too when I can.

I  have a couple of charities which I get involved in and I do my best to create time for each charity as they mean a lot to me.
 There's the "PURPLE CAMPAIGN" in which I am a member, it is founded by a friend of mine. Our focus is on supporting widows in the community.

Another charity I am a member of is  "SLEEK" (Sweet Ladies Empower, Educate and are Knowledgeable)-  Our purpose/mission is to empower the girl child and to support the less privileged and the widows.

There is also "WALK ZEST"- We are a group of people who walk for fitness and every quarter of the year, we support the less privileged.

For those who would love to come into the entertainment industry, come with an open mind. be ready to learn, persevere, know your worth and be confident in yourself. Be ready to apologise but most of all, make sure you are ready and prepared to learn the art well and to dress well. Practice always so you can get better and with God on your side plus your hard work, you will get there.

This is Gloria Mba and she sure does Sparkle✨


A few days ago, sitting at the bus stop while it rained, I got lost in thought. I have been through a lot of trials and was by faith picturing my outcome in ways that were larger than I could ever imagine, but at the same time, a bit of doubt crept into my heart. (you know that fear and doubt that comes knocking when you are trusting and believing that everything will be alright?)

At that very moment that doubt came into my heart, I looked up and right across the road towards a small park and saw birds flying around and then gathered to eat. It was so beautiful watching them in the rain, and at that point, it occurred to me. If God, our heavenly Father can feed these birds, how much more me, His own daughter, created in His image and likeness.

I don't know who I may be talking to right now, whatever you may be going through at this moment, know that it is a phase. Remember everything that has a beginning also has an end. It is very tough when it is you going through it, trust me, I know. I know it can feel very frustrating and annoying when you get advice from people and it makes you feel like they can't ever understand. 

No matter how hard or difficult it is or feels right now, find your happy place, look for what can put a smile on your face. Stay happy and stay positive. Don't allow the stress/ worries/ trials/ problems/ situation drown you or overtake you.
 For me, when I go into worship and praise, I get filled up and find my happy place and I am able to let go and be happy.

Do not allow anything to steal your smile or joy. Refuse to allow anything that will stop you from being happy. Once you are determined to stay happy, you will find you no longer focus on the situation but rather you will  be working on a solution to the situation.

You will surely have a reason to smile and celebrate soon. Stay focused, stay strong. God has a plan better and bigger than you can ever think or imagine.

Friday, 10 August 2018


It's another weekend yet again. What are your plans? Partying? Working? Traveling? Whatever it may be, create time to revalue yourself and what you were able to achieve this week. 
Remember, it is never too late to make that dream come true. Work towards your tomorrow, today.
Keep believing, keep pushing and keep sparkling.
Here's to a fabulous weekend.

Thursday, 9 August 2018


The Nigerian fashion is known for its diversity and colourful look. Nigerians love fashion and tend to set their own trend.

A platform has been created - Ankara Meets Adire Festival (AMAF) to showcase as well as promote the Ankara and Adire fabrics, clothing, home, and giftware.
This event is to provide a platform for Manufacturers, Artisans, Designers, and Home and Giftware designers to market and promote their products, network and also conduct market research in the UK. In attendance will be a diverse audience of buyers and investors.

This is going to be an annual event. On Sunday, the 2nd of September, 2018 the first Ankara Meets Adire Festival will be held. It will be a radiant and exciting event you don't want to miss. From footwear, earrings, bags, bangles, home decors, kids clothing and much more.

If you are also looking for business ideas, this will be a good place to meet people and speak with them about what they do. 

Have a glimpse of some things to see:

Sisi Alero will be there and I am looking forward to meeting you all on the 2nd of September, 2018 at Cargo Club. 83 Rivington Street, London. EC2A 3AY
Dress code: African attire, Come looking awesome and make sure you are sparkling.

Follow Ankara Meets Adire Festival (AMAF) on Instagram: and to buy your ticket(s), go to


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