Thursday, 12 April 2018


Waking up in good health and a sound mind, we most of the time take it for granted.
We feel it is a normal process to jump out of bed in the morning and carry on with plans we have laid out for the day.
Not everyone woke up as you did.
Remember to be thankful to God for being alive each day.
Most of all, enjoy every moment.
Stay Sparkling and keep smiling.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018


Hello everyone.
Hope we all had a lovely Easter and time off work?
It sure has been a while. Sorry, i have been offline for a while.
But it's great to be typing again and i sure have missed being on here.
I would like to use this opportunity to speak to those who are going through trying times, especially in health. Do not lose hope and try not to worry.
I know this because i used to have a PhD in worrying. Even up to last month. I was worried and panicking waiting for test results. Worried so much about my health and i was almost becoming paranoid. 
Then God put a song on my lips and His words in my heart.
He put amazing people around me and i just cannot stop being thankful.
As we are now in a new month, let us focus on the promises of God and keep a positive and focused mind. 
Looking forward to bringing you new stories and encouragement in Christ.
Stay blessed and Keep Sparkling.


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