Tuesday, 23 January 2018


Many times, we tend to cry over lost opportunities, worry about the future. Dwelling on our past failures will never bring a change to our present situation.
We despair over what we can no longer have and lose focus on what we can achieve or have if we look past that situation or problem.
A lot of times, what we need to make things work for us is right in front of us or even in our hands.
Just like when God asked Moses at the burning bush- "what is that in thine hand, and he replied; a rod" (Exodus 4:2)
Not everyone has to have a white collared job to succeed. What is that thing you enjoy and do with so much passion? Find a way to turn it into a means of earning an income.
You may have a passion to care for the elderly or for the poor in health. Put it to good use.
Whatever it is, use it. Nothing beats doing what you love and enjoy.
Do not give up on your dreams. Remember, a dream remains a dream until put into action and brought to life
Stay Sparkling and see you at the top.

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