I sniff and smile, its all done and I am happy, almost dancing.This is me after cleaning and scrubbing the flat. that amazing smell of bleach …ahhh, blisss. But guess what, now I am not even allowed to use bleach because I have been having breathing problems. Its just for some time but even though a […]

Joshua and Vic

Victoria had her first child and son in November 2008. Before he was born, she had gone through the usual antenatal check-ups  and nothing was found wrong with her baby.When Joshua was born, he was born with two holes in his heart and was later diagnosed with down syndrome. For Victoria, who had just come from […]

Have you got that Sparkle?

Hello everyone ,We all hear about Down syndrome and might even know someone with down syndrome.But, do we actually know what its like to live with a person with down syndrome?    Well, we are going to meet a mother and son and how they have not let anything stop or hinder them from living normal […]