looking into 2021 with much anticipation. – #2021

4th January 2021 No Comments

A year ago, 4th January 2020, I had a surgery which was to help with the pains and heavy period flow which I suffer due to adenomyosis. Severe pains, blackouts and all the drama that comes with it are all back. I expected it to happen but not so soon. About seven months post-surgery, I noticed my body was going through all the symptoms and challenges…


16th December 2020 No Comments

Work for your #inheritance , don’t be lazy or waiting on someone’s hard work. Yes, you can inherit from a loved one when they pass but don’t wait around until they die. Work towards achieving your goals and dreams. Earn with the works of your hands so that you too can have something to leave for your children. – #faith #faithwednesday #wednesdaypost #wednesdayquotes #itsbiblical #studythebible #studygodsword…


13th December 2020 No Comments

There comes a time in life when everything begins to fall into place. Things just get aligned. All the hard work, energy put in, prayers, tears all bear fruit. From today, stay thankful, appreciate the little things. The good and the bad. All experiences add to your growth, they are not a waste. Today, I come thankful and appreciate how far God has brought me. After…


9th December 2020 No Comments

A lot of us believe that because of our past, wrong decisions made or how bad things are means all hooe is lost. We need to remind ourselvesa always that God’s wish, desire is for us to prosper even as our soul prospers. He wants all the good things for us. He loves us even when we are unfaithful to Him. All we need to do…


2nd December 2020 No Comments

Do not lose focus. Let your eyes be on your heavenly Father. He will surely make a way and see you through. He is your helper. Whatever it is you are waiting for, whatever it is you desire,  it will happen. People may laugh at you and mock you, #stayfocused and #staythankful . Have a beautiful Wednesday ??⭐⭐––– #faith #faithwednesday #wednesdaypost #wednesdayquotes #itsbiblical #studythebible #studygodsword #faithandlifestyleinfluencer…


1st December 2020 No Comments

As we go into the last month of this year, I pray that God heals the hearts of all who have lost a loved one(s) , lost jobs, properties and anything else. May this month and beyond bring closure, happiness, joy, laughter and most importantly LOVE. Let the love of God be shared through all the land and may we remember that we are all we…

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