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Adenomyosis (Ad-uh-no-my-O-sis) occurs when the tissue which usually lines the uterus (endometrial tissue) grows into the muscular walls of the uterus. During a  Menstrual cycle, it could cause symptoms such has heavy or prolonged Menstrual bleeding,  chronic pelvic pain, Extreme sharp pelvic pains- dysmenorrhoea, back pain, pain in legs, blood clots, headaches due to anemia. In all of these I also have fatigued, have abdominal pain…


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Hello everyone. I trust your week has been amazing. Today we will conclude the story of Adesola and her life experiences living with a son who is autistic but blessed. Sit back, relax and enjoy. Stay Sparkling. S.A.B: You wrote a book which tells us all about what you have been through, a full story on Ade and your experiences. What made you decide to write…


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Welcome once again to a beautiful new year, I say beautiful because we are still here, still hoping. I pray all our dreams and desires become a reality in 2021. Today we will be meeting an amazing woman who will be sharing her story. Why not get yourself comfortable and enjoy her story. S.A.B: Who is Adesola? Tell us your name, the schools you attended, where…

looking into 2021 with much anticipation. – #2021

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A year ago, 4th January 2020, I had a surgery which was to help with the pains and heavy period flow which I suffer due to adenomyosis. Severe pains, blackouts and all the drama that comes with it are all back. I expected it to happen but not so soon. About seven months post-surgery, I noticed my body was going through all the symptoms and challenges…


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Work for your #inheritance , don’t be lazy or waiting on someone’s hard work. Yes, you can inherit from a loved one when they pass but don’t wait around until they die. Work towards achieving your goals and dreams. Earn with the works of your hands so that you too can have something to leave for your children. – #faith #faithwednesday #wednesdaypost #wednesdayquotes #itsbiblical #studythebible #studygodsword…


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There comes a time in life when everything begins to fall into place. Things just get aligned. All the hard work, energy put in, prayers, tears all bear fruit. From today, stay thankful, appreciate the little things. The good and the bad. All experiences add to your growth, they are not a waste. Today, I come thankful and appreciate how far God has brought me. After…

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